1987 - Sun Tekstil Foundation, İZMİR


1992 - 1994 Knitting Department and Dyehouse Establishment


1997 - Established Jimmy Key Brand


1999 - Ekoten Tekstil Establishment


2010 - Establishment of R&D Center


2012 - Establishment of Design Offices in England (London and Leicester)


2012 - La Coruna Design Office is established in Spain


2012 - Ames Tekstil Organization


2015 - TDU Establishment


Sun Tekstil;

-Has a large production network,

-93% of production is women’s wear and, 7% is children’s wear

-We mainly produce knitted fabrics, knitted and woven fabrics and ready-made garments,

-Large family with 1380 employees.

-Develops innovative textile products.

-Provides global design services.

-Has fast sample and fast production capacity.

-Adjust itself at the highest level to the customer service and satisfaction.

-With all of these efforts, realizes sustainable corporate identity.


Our production capacity

-Production of 2 million pieces per month

-Turnover over 100 million Euros per year

-60% EU market, 40% UK market sale

-Abroad; Production organization in Albania, Serbia and Sri Lanka

-1200 new designs every month

-Possibility to submit samples in one dayi


Our fabric capacity

-In Ekoten, one of the most important locomotives in Turkey's fabric production

-In drilling / dyeing / finishing plants

-Capacity to produce 40 tons of knitted fabric per day


--Being fair, honesty and transparency

-Appreciating the business partners

-Public responsibility; Inoculation of environmental responsibility as an enterprise value.

-Providing diversity.

-To provide continuous development with innovative ideas

-To exceed customer expectations

-Cooperation and teamwork


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