Meeting of sensibilities which are, in fact finding future while producing today, adapting responsibilities to its solutions and, standing right in the middle of traditional and modern, under a single roof...

SUN Tekstil, exporting in the women’s ready made garments field to the major retailer brands of the world.

These brands, such as Zara, Bershka, M&S, Esprit, Tesco, Amazon, are most important retailers with either by opening retail shops and by selling in digital world.

Our production strength

Sun Tekstil which is producing 2 million items a day, is in an integration with the Ekoten fabric company which has a daily 40 tons of painted fabric producing capacity.


Sun Tekstil has a strong sample team which producing 800 new products monthly and creating difference with its speed, versatility and digital infrastructure. To speed up the product development process and, to make the process efficient and faster by being more closer with the customers, SUN Tekstil works interactively with the design offices which are in England and Spain.

Our Business Partner NETWORK

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